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Submitting Art

At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, the art is just under a different category as fiction, this means it’s using the same database and submission form as fic. I have the photo option on for fics, so basically what we are going to do is put the HTML tag in so that it will show the pic in a fic file.

There are 2 ways of submitting art:

Hosting on
If you would like your photo hosted on please send an e-mail to snarryarchive [at] with your picture. You can either attach it, or use a program such as photobucket, or You Send It to give it to me. I will upload it onto our host and e-mail you back with the code needed to post the picture, from there follow the steps for those pictures already hosted.

Hosting Elsewhere
If you are hosting your picture elsewhere, all you have to do is:

1) Make sure you are signed into your account.
2) Go to "Account info" and click "Add New Story"
3) Fill in the blanks, but make sure to choose "Art" as the catergory, and the appropriate sub category. Make sure to press the select button or it will consider the field blank.
4) When you get to the body field enter:


<img src="" alt="Art by yourname">


With the URL being the hotlink to your picture, and your name in the alt tab.

5) You can then add any additional information you choose. If you'd rather people comment on your LJ, or would like to link to the rest of your art, or your own webpage, then by all means do so.

6) If you press preview, it will convert the code into the picture and you can resize if needed.

7) Then simply press "Add Story"

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