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Snape / Harry angst 
07:39am 28/09/2007

I don’t know if this is allowed if it is not please be free to delete this post .

I am not in very high spirits lately and I'd like to read some fluffy, angsty fics with Harry and Snape as the  main pairing, I want Harry to be older, I mean, I don't want him being a child, I want him after the war, when he is 20 or 25.
I'd also like to read non-magical angsty fics with the same pairing.
Thanks a lot dears!

Drawn Together: Chapter 1 
04:30pm 14/08/2007
mood: Chipper

Title: Drawn Together
Author: NorseQueen
Rating: NC - 17
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Warnings: MPreg, Chan, Rape
Summary: Harry gets kiddnapped by Lucius over Christmas break at the Burrow and Severus is the only one who can save him!

Chapter 1: Unexpected Company

New Snarry Community... New Snarry Story 
11:12pm 30/03/2007

Emerald and Ebony: A Snarry Community       

TITLE: Dreams In Time
AUTHOR: Casey Snape
FEEDBACK: caseysnape@yahoo.com 

DISCLAIMER: The characters and concepts in the following story do not belong to me. I just like to play with them and make them do naughty things to each other. They are the property of JKR, all of her assignees, yada yada yada, so on and so forth, BUT if she ever wants to get rid of Sev, well, I’ve got first dibs. 
SUMMARY: Dreams are just the product of an overactive imagination, right? Sometimes, dreams are a link to things what we want, what we need. What happens when what we want and what we need threatens the safety of the Wizarding World?

WARNINGS: OTP & HBP never happened. AU. Time Travel / MPreg / Graphic Sex / Rimming 

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: The Curse of the Longbottom

Chapter 3: The Fall of the Lemon Drop
Only wanted to say 
09:53pm 11/12/2006

Click Me !!!!

To whoever!!!
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Very Improtant Please Read 
03:44am 21/12/2005
mood: uncomfortable
As of right now, I am pulling the moderator status on this archive, possibly temporarily, possibly permanently, it depends on you. I’m going to admit this is the first archive I have ever run, and it is a lot of work. I can handle the work, but at the moment there are far too many submissions for me to go over them properly. It is holding back the availability of the fic.

I would still like for all the fic to be edited, so to that end, fics will be approved, and the editors will go back though and edit them. We won’t make any changes to the fic, but we will send a report with any suggestions we have. These suggestions will always be sent from a snarry.net e-mail so you can know when it is a mod and not just a reviewer.

I just feel that until a proper submissions outline can be set up, along with proper editing rules, this is the most appropriate course of action. It will also give me more time to devote to the other areas of this site.

Thank you for your time, and your submissions.

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01:28pm 18/12/2005
mood: excited
Ok, I've poked around and around the site, and really, the only thing that still needs to be done is the new skin, this could take a while, especially since I haven't heard from the artist whose art I'm using (no way I'm going to post it without her permission first, god I hope it's a yes, I've put a lot of work into it already *crosses fingers*). On that note could anyone make me a little pic of a cauldron? Or find me one that I'd be able to use?

So unless anyone can point out some glaring things missing or needed, I'm officially opening Snarry.net.

Go forth and spread the word!
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Progress Report 
01:32pm 16/12/2005
mood: bouncy
Hey guys,
So far today I've:
- Put a proper footer on the page
- Added some warnings. But no where near enough, can you guys think of what I'm missing?
- Updated the FAQ
- Updated the submission rules
- Changed the rejection letter
- Added a welcome message.

The next thing I should change is the Terms of Service, but I have absolutly no idea what to say. Anyone want to help me out here?
Submitting Art 
10:48pm 15/12/2005
mood: blah
At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, the art is just under a different category as fiction, this means it’s using the same database and submission form as fic. I have the photo option on for fics, so basically what we are going to do is put the HTML tag in so that it will show the pic in a fic file.

There are 2 ways of submitting art:
Click here if you want snarry.net to host the pictureCollapse )or here if you are hosting the file yourselfCollapse )
Request a Character 
10:28pm 15/12/2005
mood: happy
At the moment I have almost 30 characters listed on snarry.net.

According to HPwiki there are well over 200 characters in HP and really no one wants to have to scroll through all of that, so I've uploaded these characters as a start. If you have a fic which deals with a character not listed please let me know, and I'll add them. You can e-mail me (paraka@snarry.net) or just leave a comment here (you don't need an account).

Note: Please only request characters that are improtant to your story, I don't want to have to add a character that you have Harry pass in the hall.

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Up and Running? 
04:20pm 15/12/2005
mood: accomplished
Well it seems for the most part things are up and running. I just need to personalize the site. Not that I want to start advertising for the archive yet, I wouldn't mind some tests, are any of you writers? If so could you go and post fic? The archive is at www.snarry.net

Also, I'm setting up the fandom related stuff, so far I have: CategoriesCollapse ) genresCollapse )ratingsCollapse )charactersCollapse )

On another note do you think we should start talking to some authors about getting their fic on the archive? I mean it's not *really* ready to be up and running, but it would be nice to have some fic on it when we do finally open our doors. What do you guys think?
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09:34pm 14/12/2005
  OK, I've got the beginning steps of the archive set up and already they're asking me questions I don't know how we want answered :P

I've put my temporary answers in, let me know if you think anything should be different.

What do you think?Collapse )
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Getting Started 
09:23pm 13/12/2005
mood: working
At the moment I'm looking up info on eFiction as a script for a new archive, but to make the design easier, I kind of need some help with the ground rules.

From eFiction 2.0's README file:
As written, the script is intended to be used in the following way:

- Categories: you can have only one category, or as many as you want, including sub-categories.
Categories were written with the intention that they would indicate different fandoms, or categories
of story.
- Characters: Intended to mean the characters that fall within that fandom or category
- Genres: Genres include such things as Action, Romance, Poetry, Filk, Angst, or whatever
makes the most sense within your fandom or types of stories.
- Ratings: Basic ratings could be G, PG, PG-13, and so on, but you could also do
ratings as Child, Youth, Adult and so on, or whatever makes the most sense to you. You can
set sepecific ratings to have different access levels if you choose. In addition to making stories
visible to the public (the default), you may set ratings to be for members only, require an age
consent verification, or both.
- Warnings: Warnings are intended to be used to help indicate certain things about
stories that you may want to warn readers of, such as rape, male/male sex, and so on.
The Warnings field doesn't have to be used for warnings -- it could be used for
Languages, or whatever you wanted.
- Series: Series are collections of related stories by the same or multiple authors. A story and
its sequels, for example. Series might also be used for a "shared universe" in which multiple
authors write. The person who creates the series is considered the series "owner" and
controls whether or not the series is "open" to contributions by other authors or not. Even
if the series is "closed", the series owner has the option to include stories from other authors
in the series.
- Challenges: Challenges are ideas/wishes for stories that a member or an anonymous visitor
"challenges" authors to write. Stories written in response to the challenge can be listed under
the challenge by the story author or an admin.

These would likely be the first questions to address, but there are others as well. I'll post them as I go.

The main question out there would be what do you want from this archive? I'll admit that I was new to Detention when it went down, and so I'm not quite sure what it was everyone loved so much about it.
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